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FL & GA Preparation for Hurricane Irma

posted by Fulcro Insurance on September 8, 2017

Hurricane Irma is a category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds near 155 mph, moving west. The majority of Florida will have major hurricane impacts this weekend up till Monday, September 11.  As well, if  Irma’s path remains consistent, the National Weather Service predicts the metro Atlanta area to begin feeling the effects as early as Monday morning with wind gusts associated with the outer bands ranging from 37-51 mph.

Please prepare.


Insurance Market 

At this time most insurance companies already placed moratoriums in all of Florida and certain areas of Georgia.  This means that coverage cannot be bound, reinstated or increased as long as the Hurricane conditions are in effect.

Before the Hurricane
1. Protect your property, specially the one exposed to wind or water damage.
2. If you have wind shutters make sure that they are tight and secured
3. Keep your important documents in a plastic sealable bag.
4. Prior to the storm, take pictures of your property do that you can document its existence and value
5. Clean up gutters and any other area near or within the property that may prevent a natural flow of water.
6. If possible, remove electronic equipment from the floor
7. Know how to interrupt power should you need to in an emergency.
8. Think of your safety, if your area is being evacuated please leave immediately.
9. Keep water, food, a first aid kit, medicine, flashlights, extra batteries, sanitation and hygiene items, and other emergency items accessible.
What to do if you suffer a loss and you have property insurance
After the Hurricane
1. Do not throw away damaged property, unless it is a health hazard
2. Take photos of the damaged property
3. Prepare a list of the damaged property
4. Gather invoices, appraisals, bills
5. Obtain estimates/quotes of the damaged property
6. Notify event to your insurance company or to us.  You can use this form: Property Loss Notice

Our Offices
Fulcro Insurance’s operations

Our employee’s safety is very important to us. Therefore, our Orlando and Miami offices will be closed Monday, September 11, 2017. We will be assisting all our Florida customers via 1-888-425-5666



Company Phone Email
AIG Insurance Company 877-802-5246
Alfa Insurance 1-877-584-7466
All Risk 1-800-366-5810
American Bankers / Floodpro 800-654-4895
American Modern Ins Co 1-800-375-2075
American Strategic-  Flood only 1-866-274-5677
Amrisc 252-247-8796
Appalachian Underwriters 888-376-9633
Bankers Insurance 800-627-0000
Chubb 1-800-252-4670
Citizens Insurance 866-411-2742
CRC Broker
Cypress 1-877-560-5224
Foremost 1-800-274-7865
Main Street America 877-425-2467
Mapfre 1-888-962-7373
Markel 800-362-7535
Mercury 800-503-3724
Nationwide 1-800-421-3535
Orchid 772-237-8531
Progressive 1-800-925-2886
RPS 844-744-8323
Scottsdale / Nationwide E&S 800-423-7675
Southern Insurance Underwriters 678-498-4750
Travelers 1-800-252-4633
Universal North America 866-999-0898
Universal Property & Casualty 800-470-0599 
Western World 201-847-8600

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