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Activate your HO-6 Policy 

Mandatory coverage for condominium owners.

· Fulcro Insurance

Did you know that you can activate your HO-6 policy in just minutes? The process is extremely fast and can be conveniently completed from the comfort of your home. *Please note that the renewal of the Master Policy of the Condominium does not include your private elements. 

To complete the process of activating your HO-6 policy, simply visit: 

What is a  HO-6 Policy?

It is an individual policy for apartment owners. This policy is required by mortgage creditors and can cover:

  •  All of the real propertyand belongings in your apartment that are private. 
  • PERSONAL PROPERTY (CONTENT): Your personal property and items, including that of the residents of your apartment.
  • PERSONAL LIABILITY (DAMAGE CAUSED TO OTHERS): Includes broken plumbing in your apartment causing damage to other apartments.

What are the costs?

The tables below show examples of packages that you can select according to your needs.

CONDOMINIUMS LESS THAN 500 FEET FROM THE COAST: When the unit is rented, add $17

CONDOMINIUMS MORE THAN 500 FEET FROM THE COAST When the unit is rented, add: $18

Contact our team at or visit for a free consultation. Our experts are here to shift the balance in your favor. Get Fulcro.

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