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Fulcro celebrates what it means to be a Hispanic-owned & operated company in the U.S.

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Founded in 1981, Fulcro is proud to be a 100% Hispanic-owned and operated business. Our personnel is made up of people from all across Latin America, bringing a 90% bilingual workforce to the table who understands the different needs of the Latino population. Fulcro stands as a leading resource, advocate, and access point for individuals and business owners alike in the community, and will be for many more years to come.

Team Fulcro stands as a leading resource, advocates, and access point for individuals and business owners alike in the Hispanic community, and are here to provide the best insurance and claims support.

As fellow Latinos living in the U.S., our insurance experts bring a greater understanding of the demands of the Hispanic market, a community that is oftentimes overlooked and underserved. It is more than a shared language that binds us but a common ground in the way we think and care. As Latinos, our team is resilient, passionate, professional and highly prepared to handle all of your insurance needs no matter the circumstances.

At Fulcro, customer service is our top priority and we understand the urgency to have your business and/or home recovered as quickly as possible after a disaster happens. We’re here to say that we understand you, and are here to guide you through the insurance and claims process so that the scales are tilted in your favor.

When someone thinks about insurance, we want Fulcro to be the first name that pops into their mind. But more than just a name, we want that we provide a feeling of comradery and security. We want our clients to know that no matter what, there is a team of people who are here to listen to their needs, and bail them out when times get tough. This is something that many companies preach but don't apply, but something we’ve been proving through our actions for the last 40 years,” said Enrique Perez-Blanco, a partner at Fulcro who oversees the company’s business development.

This month and every month, Fulcro celebrates the contributions and achievements of the country’s diverse Latino community. Observing Hispanic Heritage Month allows us to show recognition and support for the work Latinos are doing in helping this country grow through their persistent leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It is also an opportunity to let the community know that we as a company understand their unique needs as we are a part of them.

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