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Fulcro Insurance joins efforts with the American Red Cross in the middle of hurricane season

The organizations sign agreement to guide communities in disaster management and risk prevention

For Fulcro Insurance, the spearhead of the company’s work focuses on helping its clients prevent risks. On the other hand, the American Red Cross is one of the organizations most involved in disaster and emergency management. In some way, both institutions are linked to different stages in risk prevention and management. 

That is why the Puerto Rican company decided to ally with the American Red Cross Chapter of Puerto Rico as part of its social commitment initiatives, announced Ramón A. Pérez Blanco, president of Fulcro Insurance

“We manage part of the risk management efforts for our clients and the Red Cross is in the first line of defense when a catastrophic event occurs. Therefore, we saw it as a natural step to partner with an organization that also has an important legacy of social commitment in the world," said the executive. 

The agreement consists of an annual donation to the American Red Cross, as well as various collaborative social initiatives. In addition to the donation, Fulcro and the Red Cross will launch a series of workshops aimed at educating their clients and the community about risk prevention and management. 

“The Red Cross will offer workshops to our clients - in Puerto Rico and in Georgia - on how to prepare for disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes, amongst others. We will also integrate our employees into the organization's volunteer program,” added Pérez Blanco. 

Teaming up to launch an educational campaign

As experts in risk prevention, Fulcro Insurance together with the American Red Cross will launch an educational campaign focused on providing tools to prepare for the eventuality of disasters. 

“In a way, they [the American Red Cross] are our counterparts. We prepare people to face risk challenges and they take care of them immediately after they occur. This is the approach we will take in carrying out this campaign, especially to commercial clients, in how to manage risks and disasters,” explained Fulcro’s president.

This collaborative agreement with the American Red Cross makes it possible for Fulcro to take part in the compassionate care provided by the organization to thousands of people who face emergencies every year and to help communities rebuild their lives after disasters strike. In the months of March, April, and May alone, the American Red Cross volunteers attended 76 fires and flood disasters in Puerto Rico and provided financial assistance to 52 families who suffered losses in the Ponce earthquake in early May.

“Their mission resonates unequivocally with our goal of placing the balance in favor of our people and communities. We are more than proud to be part of the American Red Cross family,” concluded Pérez Blanco.

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