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Fulcro’s Daring Woman


· Team Fulcro,Fulcro Insurance

In lieu of International Women’s Day, we at Fulcro would like to shine a light on the team of strong, talented, and passionate women who go all in every day, always putting our clients first.

In fact, Fulcro would not be the company it is today were it not for its legendary co-founder, Amalia Rosa Fernández (Rosita), who founded the company together with Ramón Pérez (Tony) in 1981 as First Insurance Group, one of Puerto Rico’s first brokerage firms.

Meet Fulcro’s Daring Woman Co-Founder: Amalia Rosa Fernández

A native of Santiago de Cuba, Rosita’s journey from her island at the onset of Castro’s revolt was not smooth sails, but the challenges she endured further instilled in her a set of unbreakable values that later became the building blocks of the company’s foundation: Integrity, Respect, Service, Trust, and Family. “It takes real trust, deep respect, having the best interests of the client at heart - which is the essence of service - and being honest.”

Before Rosita’s retirement, one of her pet projects, continuing education for insurance professionals, was credited with the emergence of a new generation of insurance graduates in Puerto Rico, who also went on to fill the roles of the island’s insurance companies.

After retiring sixteen-years ago, Rosita distributed the image of a tree as a symbol of Fulcro Insurance and included a poetic testament to all of her employees that read: “Fulcro was planted by two people with the dream that it would bear fruit and endure, able to withstand times of rain and sometimes drought. Through all the changes of seasons and leaves, our tree has simply grown, and her roots are now set firmly on the ground, immune to all dangers and storms.”

Though Rosita has been retired since 2004, her teachings of perseverance and the strong principles she planted were like sown seeds that grew into the company’s roots and germinated like fruits. Her life and service inspired not only other women in the industry but the entire Fulcro family.

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