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Surety Bonds provide financial security and construction assurance that contractors will perform the work and pay subcontractors, employees, and suppliers.

It is a risk transfer mechanism where the Surety Company assures the Obligee (Owner) that the Principal (Contractor), will perform the contract in accordance with the contract documents.

Fulcro’s approach to secure & maintain a Bonding Line of Credit includes:

  1. Client Qualification with the Surety
  2. Financial Statement Analysis (Personal & Corporate)
  3. Operational Reviews
  4. Risk Assessment
Fulcro Insurance: How Surety Bonds work in a nutshell

Fulcro’s experts are committed to helping you understand how bonds work and why you may need one in your specific industry. Our approach to help you get, maintain, or expand your bonding capacity (line of credit), is uniquely positioned not only to place Bid, Performance and/or Payment bonds but also to help you accomplish all of your surety requirements.

Contact our team at get@fulcroinsurance.com or visit https://www.fulcroinsurance.com/ for a free consultation. Our experts are here to place the balance in your favor. Get Fulcro.

*Please note that the availability of this service is subject to the insurance companyʼs underwriting guidelines and thus, may not be available to all industries.

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