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Why you Need Professional Liability Insurance

Protect Yourself From Mistakes That Could Cost You.

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Running a business is inherently a risky endeavor making quality professional liability insurance a must. Also known as Errors and Omissions (E&O Insurance), professional liability insurance protects your business from claims of negligence related to a professional service. This insurance helps cover you, your business, and your employees from professional liability lawsuits, and offers coverage for the associated defense costs.

Our experts at Fulcro are here to help you find the right program, tailored to fit the special needs of your specific industry. If the unexpected happens or your services do not meet the expectations of your client and they file a claim, this insurance has you covered when a general liability policy won’t.

Who needs Professional Liability Insurance?

If you’re a business that provides professional services or advice to others, you definitely need to consider this type of coverage. This type of insurance is also commonly required when a business enters a new contract.

Occupations that require Professional Liability Coverage:

  • CPAs
  • Architects
  • Engineers

  • Accountants

  • Real Estate

  • Attorneys

  • Consultants, among others

Common types of coverage under this policy:

  • Alleged or actual negligence - Provides your business protection against actual or alleged errors and omissions of professional services or inaccurate advice.
  • Defense costs - Provides legal defense when a covered claim is reported.

Another benefit of Professional Liability insurance is that it provides coverage for claims originated from services provided in the past.

Our industry-specific experts assess your business’ unique situation and challenges to design cost-effective insurance solutions that protect you against the unexpected. When times get tough, Fulcro provides the support you need to level the playing field. It is our mission to make insurance simple, secure, and honest.

Contact our team of commercial risk specialists at or visit and we’ll design the best policy for your business. Up your game and Get Fulcro.

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