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The Windstorm Deductible for Private Clients

What is it and how does it work?

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In most homeowners and dwelling insurance policies, the Windstorm Deductible is presented as a percentage of your dwelling limit or personal property (content) limit if you do not have dwelling coverage. Homeowners should pay attention to that amount as it is an out of pocket expense if a loss does occur due to an unexpected natural disaster, such as a hurricane.

So, how is this deductible applied exactly?

Two common amounts are 2% and 5%. For example, if your home is insured with a limit of $200,000 this means that your deductible is going to be $4,000 (2%) or $10,000 (5%), regardless of the loss amount.

For more information about the windstorm deductible and how they work in your specific policy plan, please contact our all insurance lines experts at or visit We are here to shift the balance in favor of the insured. #GetFulcro

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